Pakistani Passport Renewal Process, Fee and Requirements

How to renew pakistani passport, fee for renewal

Pakistani passport renewal process in not lengthy nor it is difficult. Some people spread confusions regarding the process and procedures of passport renewal but actually it is quite simple and easy.

We are going to share the complete process of passport renewal, passport renewal fee and passport renewal requirements here.

If you never applied for a Pakistani passport and looking to apply for one, make sure to read this guide to learn how to apply for a Pakistani passport.

Renewal before Expiry of Passport

As per Passport and Visa Manual 2006, you can apply for renewal of your Pakistani passport before its expiry date. However you are required to state the reason for renewal by submitting a statement that why you are applying for renewal of your passport during its validity term. If your renewal application is accepted, your current passport will be cancelled.

Pakistani Passport Renewal Process

Renewal process is more of less same as you apply for passport for the first time, although there are some additional requirements you must check before going to the passport office:

  • You must bring your original passport(s) along with a set of photocopies.
  • If you are a female and got married recently, you must change your marital status and husband name on CNIC (Computerized National Identity Card). Once you receive your updated CNIC then you can apply for renewal of your passport. Your application won’t be accepted until you update your marital status on CNIC OR in NADRA database because at passport office they validate your information from NADRA database.
  • You are required to appear personally. You can’t send anyone else to renew your passport.
  • You can apply for renewal at any passport office. (If you are applying for passport for the first time you can only apply in the jurisdiction your permanent or temporary address is mentioned on your CNIC).
  • Bring all those documents which you provided before when you applied for the first time.
  • All those applicants who are living abroad can apply for renewal of their MRP or Machine Readable Passport at Pakistan Embassy office in the same country they are living.

You can find out which documents are required and which steps you have to complete on the day of submitting your application at passport office here: Apply for Pakistani Passport.

If you prefer to watch a video for the process, you can watch it here: Apply for Passport Video

Pakistani Passport Renewal Fee

Fee depends on the duration of your passport validity. You can apply for 5 years or 10 years validity period of your passport. Here are the fee details:

Renewal Fee Structure for 05 Years

36 Pages Normal3,000 Rupees
36 Pages Urgent5,000 Rupees
72 Pages Normal5,500 Rupees
72 Pages Urgent9,000 Rupees
100 Pages Normal6,000 Rupees
100 Pages Urgent12,000 Rupees

Renewal Fee Structure for 10 Years

36 Pages Normal5,400 Rupees
36 Pages Urgent9,000 Rupees
72 Pages Normal9,400 Rupees
72 Pages Urgent16,200 Rupees
100 Pages Normal10,800 Rupees
100 Pages Urgent21,600 Rupees

You can submit your fee at any authorized branch of National Bank of Pakistan. You can find all the authorized branches of National Bank which accepts passport fee here. You can also download National Bank Challan form from here if you are applying for an ordinary/normal passport. (If you are application is urgent don’t use this Challan form, you can get Challan form from the passport office).

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Disclaimer: We are not associate with passport office or DGIP (Directorate General of Immigration & Passports, Pakistan). We gathered above information from official website of DGIP and other reliable resources to prepare this helpful post. We will do our best to update the information if DGIP changes any process. You are advised to check official DGIP website for latest information.

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