Best Online Business Ideas for Women in Pakistan

This post is second part of our series on “Business Ideas for Women”. If you are looking for offline business ideas, read this post: Offline Business Ideas for Women in Pakistan.

If you are looking for online business ideas for women, this post is just for you.

Online Business Ideas for Women

Doing offline business in Pakistan for a women is a bit difficult because of various reasons. Online business on the other hand is much easier for an educated and dedicated women.

There are hundreds of ways for earning a handsome amount of money by working from the comfort of your home. I will discuss the most suitable and best methods for a women to start her online business.

Every successful person today had his difficult days at some point and you may have some difficulties at the beginning while starting your business journey.

My adviceDon’t give up at any cost.

Content Writer

content writing jobsThis is one of my ideal idea for women with strong educational back ground who are extremely good in English. If your English (written) is weak you can improve your English before considering this idea and getting started. The more time you will spend sharpening your English skills the more you will earn in long run.

You can earn from $1 to $50 per 500/700 words article. It depends on the topic/niche and quality of the article. There are dozens of website where you can register and sell your services such as,,, and many other freelancing websites. All you have to do is complete your profile and start bidding on jobs related to your skills and interest. On an average you can earn around $100 – $200 at the beginning but the numbers will increase each month. I personally know people who earn $2000 – $5000 per month just writing articles. Again, this doesn’t mean you are going to fill your banks each month with thousands of dollars until you work hard with dedication and spending time to improve your skills.

Teaching Online or Selling Courses

With the rapid growth of internet usage everything is possible. You can sell online, order your meals online, talk online and yes, you can teach online.
Teaching Online or Selling Online Courses in Pakistan

There are so many popular websites where you can publish a course and every student who enrolls in your course have to pay a fee which you have to set at the time of publishing your course.
For more information you can visit,,,

YouTube Videos

Youtube Videos BusinessYes, you read it right. You can earn money from YouTube. A single person (PewDiePie) made 12 million dollars in one single year from YouTube in 2014-15 by uploading funny movies. All you need to do is publish videos (on any topic) and start getting views.

YouTube shows different types of advertisements to the viewers and they pay you a small amount for every view. More views means more money.

You are not allowed to upload others videos. You need to shoot the video by yourself and you must have the owner rights. If you upload someone else videos, YouTube will block your account and you won’t be able to monetize your channel.

The ideal topic for women to create YouTube videos are Makeup or Beauty Tips, Cooking or Recipe videos, DIYs (Do it yourself), Informational videos, Educational videos, Funny videos (following the guidelines of YouTube), Religious videos and much more.

Online Marketing

There are more than 3.2 billion people who use internet as per a report published in 2015. This simply means you can reach 3.2 billion people to sell anything you want to. This is why online marketing became an important part of marketing. The art of reaching those 3.2 billion people and selling the product is “Online Marketing”. You need to learn this skill first and the best resource for learning is Google. Just google “Online Marketing Resources” and you will find dozens of reliable resources to start learning this skill.

eMarketing Business in Pakistan

Some types of online marketing are email marketing, affiliated marketing, social media marketing, running various kind of paid advertisements on social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter and search engines such as Google and Bing.

Online Store

eCommerce businessAlibaba made a record $14.3 Billion in sales in one day last year in 2015 on the occasion of singles day – a very huge amount. It wasn’t possible if there was no internet. Because people use internet you can sell them anything you want. It all depends on what you are selling (product) and how you are selling (marketing).

Before starting your online business, you need an online shop (online store/website). You also need some capital to invest for marketing and product buying. You can start selling products related to a specific niche first and expand the range of products overtime when you start making profit from your online store.

Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant (VA) is a self-employed professional who provides technical or administrative services from the comfort of his home. If your educational background is Commerce or IT than this might be the best option for you. You work from home for clients via internet and they pay you for your services.

For example, a small business store owner in the United States need help of an accountant to manage his account books but he can’t hire an accountant in his country because the pay rate is high there ($25/hour approx.). If he finds someone just like you in Pakistan, you most probably charge him very less ($7 – $10/hour) for the same service which he wasn’t able to pay in his own country. Now, $10/hour is a handsome amount in Pakistan when you are offered to work at home.

Virtual Assistant Business for Women

As a virtual assistant the client(s) may ask you to help them replying their business emails, respond to phone calls, scheduling and booking, managing their websites, managing their social media accounts, online research, contacting their customers on their behalf, maintain their account books and records, customer support etc.

Once you established a good relation with your clients you may expend your business by hiring additional employees to help you.

You can find virtual assistant jobs on freelancing websites i.e.,, and many others.

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