Home Based Small Business Ideas for Women in Pakistan

Small Business Ideas for Women

Are you seriously looking for home based small business ideas for women? If your answer is yes, then we might help you to figure out which home based business is best for you.

There was a time when women were not allowed to work, they were limited to their homes only but now the time has changed. In this time of evolution it is very difficult to run a family with one salary, to make ends meet, both husband and wife are required to do a job as per their qualifications and experiences.

In our society especially, not every educated women is allowed to work due to many reason. We are not going to discuss the reason here instead we are going to share home based business ideas for women.

If you have made this far looking for home based business then I believe you have at least completed 12 years of education therefore I am going to share the ideas keeping in mind that you are educated enough to run your small home based business.

We are talking about business here and every business requires passion and hard work. If you lack any of these you will end up after few day. I believe you have both, so, let’s start exploring home based business ideas.

Home Based Cooking Business:

Do you know the employees working in your nearby places don’t like the food provided in their office cafeterias and hotels? They crave for home cooked food because the taste of home cooked food is delicious than the hotel food. Some are health conscious and prefer not to eat at local hotels because they don’t follow any hygienic rules. Why not to target those potential customers? After all business is all about finding the market for a specific product and selling it to the customers.

Home Based Cooking Business

You can start by visiting your nearest offices and asking for honest opinions of the employees/workers. If you deliver them a delicious and well cooked meal prepared by flowing hygienic protocols every day at their office in return of an affordable rate would they buy it?

If you get positive feedback that means all you need to do is start working on your business.

Tuition Center:

If teaching is your favorite profession then there is nothing to think about or worry about. All you need is to set up a class room or room and distribute brochures in your neighborhood and inform them about your newly established small business or tuition center.

Tuition Center Business Idea

Think of ways to attract more customers by reducing the tuition fee, offering them extra classes on weekdays, providing them clean water, free handouts etc.

Once you are able to establish a good perception about your small business in the area you are living in, you can hire addition well qualified teachers, expand the number of class room.

Child Care Services:

Do you love the innocent smiles of children? Do you love to spend time with children? If your answer is “Yes” then this is a perfect small business idea that is ideal for you.

Child Care Service business idea

If you are living in a city there are more chance that your business will expand very soon because in cities the majority of middle class and upper class parents go to work and they need someone just like you to take care of their child while they are on duty.

You need to get proper training for child care if you want to operate your business from home by yourself only. If you have enough investment to hire one or two certified child care teacher that would work too.

Beauty Parlor:                                                                          

Every women on this planet wants to look more beautiful and attractive that’s why they go to beauty parlor very frequently. Setting up a beauty parlor will cost you some money but it will pay off within short time. All you need is to do a small research about the women living nearby or in your area. Try to figure out which services do they need and how much they are willing to pay for that service. If the buying power is low and your rate is high you might end up losing money.

Beauty Parlor business idea

If you manage the price and your service quality each of your first customer will visit your beauty parlor next time when they need a haircut or a facial.

To make your beauty parlor more successful you need to maintain a very good relation with your customer. Try to introduce different kind of “Saving Offers” from time to time.

Senior Care Services:

You may not find too many senior care service providers in Pakistan but there is a lot of potential in this market for the future.

Senior Care Service business idea

Demand for senior care service in Pakistan or in other words Senior Citizens Homes is increasing every year and it will increase in future too. Why not to prepare from now and establish a well renowned business in senior care sector?

I hope this piece of information will help you to figure out which business idea is ideal for you to start working on. You can share your ideas, questions and suggestions below in the comments section to help other readers to choose the best small business idea that suits them.

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