How to get NOC from PTA for Mobile Phones or Tablets

How to Get NOC from PTA for Mobile Phone or tablet

Yesterday we published a post, “How to Buy Mobile Phones from AliExpress” and we forgot to share the procedures for how to get NOC from PTA for mobiles phones we purchase online from international websites or sent by a friend or relative who is living abroad.

PTA or Pakistan Telecommunication Authority is a well-respected Pakistani government department which supervise the maintenance, operations, and establishment of telecommunication in country.

When we purchase a mobile phone or Tablet from local market i.e. Pakistan we don’t need to get an NOC from PTA for mobile phone because the manufacturer of that mobile phone already got permission from PTA to sell their devices in Pakistan. They follow the guidelines while manufacturing the devices with intention to sell them in Pakistan.

NOC letter or Non Objection Letter is a written proof issued by PTA that they don’t have any objection on using that smartphone or tablet you purchased in Pakistan. It is a permission.

When do you need an NOC from PTA for Mobile Phones?

  • Well, if you ordered a gadget (smartphone, tablet etc.) from an international website and it is detained by custom officials as airport or GPO. You need to provide an NOC issued by PTA to receive your parcel otherwise they won’t release it until you get permission from PTA by showing NOC letter and paying custom duty.
  • You went abroad on a business trip or family vacations and you bought a smartphone or other gadget and you just landed in Pakistan. It is necessary for you to get NOC/permission from PTA to use that device in Pakistan.
  • A friend or relative who is living abroad sent you a mobile phone as a gift. You need NOC letter from PTA to use it in Pakistan.

How to apply for NOC Letter:

The process of applying for NOC is simple but it takes a while to receive the NOC from PTA. Before sending your application, you need some information i.e. IMEI number of the gadget for which you need an NOC. Make sure you have all these information and documents:

  • Your Name as per NIC
  • NIC number and copy of your NIC
  • IMIE number
  • Manufacturer
  • Model number
  • MAC number for wireless or Bluetooth devices (If your devices doesn’t have an IMIE number)
  • Your parcel’s tracking number
  • Your application
  • Copy of your order (if you purchased online).
  • Custom letter issued by custom officials or GPO
  • Quantity
  • Your address

If you gathered all the above mentioned documents and information you need to write an application to the Director Type Approval, PTA Headquarters, Sector f-5/1, Islamabad.

In the body of that application, you must mention from where you purchased the device with what intention (personal use, business, study etc.). Also, mention your full name, NIC number, IMIE number, manufacturer, model number, quantity and tracking number.

You can send your application via email or via TCS. It depends on you but we prefer sending your application via TCS. Here is the postal address to send your application:

Director (Numbering & Type Approval)
PTA Headquarters, Sector F-5/1, Islamabad.
Phone: 051-9225325

If you want to send the application via email, you can send your application with all relevant documents on these email addresses:   OR

You will receive your NOC from PTA in 15 to 30 days after you send the application. They will send the letter on your address which you mentioned in the application.

If you still have any question regarding the process of NOC application, feel free to ask using the below comments section or you can drop a message on our social media accounts.

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