How to Find Your Dream Job in Pakistan

find your dream job in pakistan

We all have dreamed of becoming like someone and to choose a profession that creates a burning desire in us to even work during tough schedules without breaks and sometime sleepless nights become routine. That happens with all of us because we love to do what we really Love as it is instilled within us since the childhood dreams and we really want to turn the same dreams into a reality. It  can be your business, new car or the job, but the real question is how to find your dream job in Pakistan and turn all your moments into happiness? Quite challenging isn’t it? Not really!

Dream the Dream

There is no exaggeration to say that without a dream we wont be able to accomplish any of our goals we have set for our life. Whether you want to buy a new car, start a new business, taking off sometime for furthering education, taking extra classes to learn a new language like French or visit a neighbor
country; the crux of every achievement is to dream and visualize what you really really want and set the goals to reach the pinnacle of success. Getting your dream job in Pakistan isn’t that tough if you master these secrets and work your plan.
In some jurisdictions within Pakistan, landing a dream job is sometimes relatively difficult due to political, sectarian and favoritism issues and Government jobs are not the except ones where such malpractices are found at every office doorstep! But undoubtedly, Government jobs are highly preferred here by the families and parents to enable their educated adults get high paying Govt. jobs with extra benefits. Unfortunately, not everyone can get a serene Govt. job due to various factors as mentioned above.

There is a Good news!

The main purpose of this article is to provide the latest information through which our Youth and educated generation must not degrade themselves or loosen hope, because the world has turned into a global village and millions of opportunities are knocking your doors. It is you and every bit of you to find what God has in store for your future with skills, constant struggle, developing new habits and learning the secrets by following the footsteps of someone who has already traveled to reach the destiny!

Education VS Experience

We are not focusing a Masters level education to get your dream job in Pakistan (although getting higher education is a must that we have shared in later paragraphs) but here, we are emphasizing on starting to get experiences! A survey report tells that individuals with more experience and less degrees are enjoying high salaries than that of the fresh graduates who start from internship and have to climb the ladder with the passage of time. Here is the secret:

  1. If you have a spare time, join an internship as a part-time. By doing this, you will get the real experiences that how things work in a company or organization. If you are doing sociology or social work, google the recent internships or reach the NGO personally, discuss the opportunity and join
    it. You need not to wait for graduation year to do all this! This will build your networking as well and the good news is that companies and organizations prefer interns for the vacant positions.
  2. Volunteering for organization/company: it is the best option to utilize your leisure time by volunteering for a company for couple of hours. People might discourage you or may not recommend as volunteers are not paid, but the truth is, company praises and appreciates you for the free work you do for the company and resultantly, you can get yourself acquainted with all the process and people in organization (especially HR) because the company offers more opportunities. Most recently, we have met individuals, despite having well paid jobs, still render their volunteer services to learn, build bridges of networking and to get their dream jobs in their dreamt organization.

Completing the interval of internship or volunteering, you will come to know that more opportunities were provided to you for growth and learning and hence your CV will automatically force the recruiter to accept the experience intervals you acquired by devoting some hours during the week. It is all about time
management isn’t it?

Take Extra Classes or Learn a New Skill

Whether you want to work in an office or even love working outside, career opportunities exists in Pakistan offering both blue and white color jobs. If you want to get paid well but never like working in an office or a cube, blue collar jobs are just fit for you. Fields such as oil and gas industry, building constructions, Electrical, mechanical & automobiles, roads building, transport etc. are just some of the professional areas you can select to land your dream job.

On the other hand, you can work for an educational institution, social or community based organizations (where lots of funding is available), an NGO, a multinational company, food and beverage companies, manufacturing, designing, IT and the list goes on…

But the most important thing is to never stop learning and acquire new skills each day. Whether you need to improve your communication r speaking skills, go attend an English Language class to boost the skills and induce confidence.

Most interviewers prefer candidates who possess strong English skills and are therefore offered well-paid jobs. Hence, one of the codes of landing your dream job is by adopting new skill each day. Set aside some time for your personal and personality development because it is not all about what cloths you wear for the interview!

Network Network & Network!

Pakistan is although a country that welcomes technology, but we must not rely solely on the internet to find our dream job. The old practices of networking coexists side by side with the technology. You must have observed that some families or people both work for a same company and enjoy the benefits all together. Reach out to a friend, family member, a relative, neighbor, class fellow or some one you even know or not; just meet them and expand your networking. This will allow you to know various opportunities that you were unaware of and chances exist that you may get your dream offer!

Social Media and Job Portals

Furthermore, you can also create an account on a job portal like,,, (don’t get discouraged by website name),,, and many more.

Creating your own account on social media like LinkedIn, Facebook etc and managing it in a professional way, will attract best recruiters and your chances of winning become certain. So be careful about what you post, like, comment or share because anyone can check out what you are up to!

find your-dream-job

It is just the beginning…

If you ever get rejected or even don’t get a call back from the employer then it is the moment to think for trying for other opportunities. Spare an hour or two for hunting your favorite job using the tools we shared above. This practicing will develop a new habit in you that will induce more passion to move forward for chasing your dream job and eventually you will see the change!

This article entails some of the basic concepts of how you can find your dream job in Pakistan. If you want information-rich articles inboxed by Piyara Pakistan, subscribe to our newsletter for latest updates.

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