Download National Bank Challan Form for Passport

download national bank challan form for pakistani passport


If you are ready to apply for a Pakistani Passport and looking for National Bank Challan form for Passport, then you are at the right place. We will not only provide you the National Bank Challan form for Passport but also share with you the complete Passport application process.

Before filling and depositing the Challan, make sure you are aware of the requirements and procedures of Passport application. If you are still not sure of the procedures and requirements, read this detailed guide for How to Apply for a Pakistani Passport.

You can download the Challan form from the official website of National Bank of Pakistan (NBP). To download the form click here.

You can deposit your Passport fee at any authorized National Bank branch mentioned in the below list, you cannot deposit your fee at any National Bank branch country wide. There are few branches in every city of Pakistan, which are authorized and accepts Passport fee. So, save yourself some time and make sure to visit the branch which is mentioned in the below list and is near to your home or office so, you can submit your fee on the go.

List of Authorized National Bank Branches to Deposit Passport Fee:


A – Islamabad:

If you are a resident of our capital, Islamabad, you can deposit your fee in any of the below given NBP branch.

SR. No.NBP Branch Name
1Aabpara Branch
2Airport Branch
3Alama Iqbal Open University Branch
4Bhara Kahu Branch
5Blue Area Branch
6F-10 Markaz Branch
7F-8 Markaz Branch
8Foreign Office Branch
9G-9 Markaz Branch
10Holiday INN Branch
11Industrial Area Branch
12Jinnah Avenue Branch
13Main Branch
14Margalla Branch
15N.H.Q. Branch
16N.I.H Branch
17P.I.M.S. Branch
18P.M. Secretariat Branch
19Pak Secretariat, B. Block Branch
20Pak Secretariat, D. Block Branch
21Pak Secretariat, S. Block Branch
22PARC, Branch
23Pinstech Nilor Branch
24Police Foundation Branch
25Tramari Chowk Branch

B – Rawalpindi:

Residents of Rawalpindi can deposit their fee in any of the below branch.

SR. No.NBP Branch Name
1502 Workshop Branch
2AOC Morgah Branch
3Bank Road Branch
4Banni Branch
5Cantt. Board Building Branch
6City Branch
7District Council Branch
8EME College Branch
9F-Block Pindora Branch
10GHQ Branch
11Kahuta Branch
12Khanna Dak Branch
13Main Branch
14Medical College Branch
15Murree Brewery Branch
16PAF Chaklala Branch
17Passport Office Branch
18Peshawar Road Branch
19Pirvadai Branch
20Satellite Town Branch
21Shalimar Branch
22Tench Bhatta Branch

C – Peshawar:

You can submit your Passport fee in any of the below NBP branch in Peshawar.

SR. No.NBP Branch Name
1Air Headquarter Branch
2Arbab Road Branch
3Ashraf Road Branch
4Cantt. Branch
5City Branch
6Civil Secretariat Branch
7Custom Headquarter Branch
8GT Road Branch
9Gunj Gate Branch
10Hayatabad Branch
11Khyber Bazar Branch
12Kohat Road Branch
13Mirch Mandi Branch
14Namak Mandi Branch
15Office Colony Branch
16Saddar Road Branch
17Shab e Qadar Branch
18University Campus Branch
19University Town Branch

F – Lahore:

Are you living in Lahore? No problem! You can deposit your fee in any of the below authorized branch.

SR. No.NBP Branch Name
1ACP Model Branch
2Airport Branch
3Anarkali Branch
4Badami Bagh Branch
5Baghan Pura Branch
6Bund Road Branch
7Chamra Mandi Branch
8Chauburji Branch
9Civil Secretariat Branch
10Darogha wala Branch
11Data Darbar Branch
12Davis Road Branch
13DHA Y-Block Branch
14DHS T Block Branch
15Dina Nath Branch
16Dry Port Branch
17Faisal Town Branch
18Gawalmandi Branch
19Gulberg Model Branch
20Gulshan-e-Ravi Branch
21Hotel Ambassador Branch
22Ismail Nagar Branch
23Jail Road Branch
24Jinnah Hall Branch
25Johar Town Branch
26Kahna Nau Branch
27Krishan Nagar Branch
28Lahore Cantt. Branch
29LDA Plaza Branch
30Lytton Road Branch
31M.M. Gulberg Branch
32Main Branch
33Model Town Branch
34Moon Market A.I Town Branch
35Mughalpura Workshop Branch
36Multan Road Branch
37New Fruit Market Branch
38New Garden Town Branch
39P.P. Assembly Branch
40Pak. Admn. Staff Col. Branch
41Patiala Ground Branch
42PC Hotel Branch
43PCSIR Lab Branch
44Punjab University Branch
45Railway HQs. Branch
46Raiwind Branch
47Raiwind Road Branch
48Regal Chowk Branch
49Rehman Plaza Branch
50Saddar Bazar Branch
51Samanabad Branch
52Sh. Zayed Hospital Branch
53Shahalam Market Branch
54Shahdara Branch
55Shahpur Kanjran Branch
56TECH Society Branch
57Township Branch
58Wagha Border Branch
59Wahdat Road Branch
60Walton Road Branch
61Wapda House Branch

G – Gujrat:

If you are a resident of Gujrat, you can deposit your fee in any of the below given NBP branch.

SR. No.NBP Branch Name
1Circular Road Branch
2Kunjah Road Branch
3Ladies Branch
4Main Branch
5Railway Road Branch
6Service Industries Branch

H – Sialkot:

Are you a resident of Sialkot? You can submit your fee in any branch which is mentioned in the below list.

SR. No.NBP Branch Name
1Booth District Courts Branch
2Cantt. Branch
3City Branch
4Ghalla Mandi Branch
5Gohadpur Branch
6Harrar Branch
7Kotli Behram Branch
8Mujahid Road Branch
9Rangpura Road Branch
10S.I.E. Branch

I – Multan:

Residents of Multan can choose any of the below branch to deposit their fee.

SR. No.NBP Branch Name
1Bosan Road Branch
2Chowk Dera Adda Branch
3City Branch
4District Court Branch
5Fertilizer Factory Branch
6Ghalla Mandi Branch
7Gulgast Colony Branch
8Haram Gate Branch
9Multan Cannt. Branch
10Mumtazabad Branch
11Nawan Shaher Branch
12Nishter Road Branch
13S.R. A Colony Branch
14Saddar Branch
15Timber Market Branch

J – Karachi:

If you are living in Karachi and looking for the nearest NBP branch which accepts Passport fee, below is the list of authorized National Bank branches which accepts Passport fee.

SR. No.NBP Branch Name
1Aimai House Branch
2Awami Markaz Branch
3C.O.D. Branch
4Clifton Khekashan Model Branch
5Custon House Branch
6Defence Housing Society Branch
7F.T.C. Branch
8Gulshan-e-Hadeed Branch
9Gulshan-e-Iqbal Branch
10Korangi Township Branch
11Landhi Township Branch
12M.A. Jinnah Branch
13Malir City Branch
14Model Colony Malir Branch
15New Fruit & Vegetable Market Branch
16North Karachi Branch
17Orangi Township Branch
18Passport Office Branch
19Rahimabad Branch
20S.I.T.E. Branch
21Saddar Branch
22Sindhi Muslim Branch
23Taimoria N. Nazimabad Branch
24Tuheed Commercial Branch

K – Quetta:

There are more than 10 NBP branches which accepts Passport fee. You are free to submit your fee in any below given branch.

SR. No.NBP Branch Name
1Adalat Road Branch
2Alamdar Branch
3BMC Branch
4Cantonment Branch
5City Branch
6Civil Secretariat Branch
7GSP` Branch
8Hazar Ganji Branch
9Industrial Estate Branch
10M.A Jinnah Road Branch
11Manan Chowk Branch
12Masjid Road Branch
13PAF Samungli Branch
14Satellite Town Branch
15Shara-e-Iqbal Branch
16Staff College Branch

L – Hyderabad:

Residents of Hyderabad can deposit their passport fee in any of the NBP branch mentioned in the below list.

SR. No.NBP Branch Name
1Commercial Area Latifabad Branch
2Fatima Jinnah Road Branch
3Gari Khata Branch
4Latifabad Branch
5Market Area Branch
6MC Branch
7New Cloth Market Branch
8Phuleli Branch
9Qasimabad Branch
10Shahbaz Building Branch
11SITE Branch
12Wadhu Wah Road Branch
13Wapda Colony Branch

M – Faisalabad:

The list of NBP branches for Faisalabad is here below.

SR. No.NBP Branch Name
1AARI Branch
2Abdullahpur Branch
3Civil Lines Branch
4Clock Tower Branch
5DijKot Road Branch
6Dry Port Branch
7Factory Area Branch
8Ghulam MUhammadabad Branch
9Jinnah Colony Branch
10Kotwali Road Branch
11Noorpur Branch
12Peoples Colony Branch
13Samanabad Branch
14Satiana Road Branch
15University of Agriculture Branch

N – Mardan:

SR. No.NBP Branch Name
1Dagar Branch
2Khar Bajour Branch
3Khawaja Gunj Branch
4Main Branch
5Purdil Abad Hoti Branch
6Saidu Sharif Branch

O – Gujranwala:

SR. No.NBP Branch Name
1Adda Gondlanwala Branch
2Atta Building Branch
3Chak Jagna Branch
4City Branch
5Civil Lines Branch
6College Road Branch
7Gulabpura Cantt. Branch
8Hashmi Colony Branch
9Hide Market Branch
10Model Town Branch
11S.I.E. Branch
12Satellite Branch
13Urdu Bazar Branch

K – Sargodah:

SR. No.NBP Branch Name
3Chasma Barrage Branch
2Chenab Nagar Branch
1City Branch
5Civil Lines Branch
4Iskanderabad Branch


I hope you’ve found the nearest branch to your home from the above list. If your city is not mentioned in the above lists, make sure to leave your city name in the comments section below. We will do our best to add them as soon as we can.

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