How to Buy Products from Aliexpress in Pakistan

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A friend of mine was curious to buy a smartphone cover he saw on Aliexpress but he was not sure whether they ship products to Pakistan or not. He came to me and asked the same question you might have in your mind right now, How to buy products from Aliexpress in Pakistan.

There is no exaggeration to say that online shopping trend is low in Pakistan as compare to other countries because of various reasons, the main reason in my opinion is unavailability of Paypal service in Pakistan.

But, still there are other legal ways to purchase your desired product from any foreign online website not only Aliexpress. There are few things which you must understand before placing your order otherwise you will end up having issues.

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Aliexpress – A brief introduction

Aliexpress was launched in 2010 by the Chinese B2B giant Alibaba. It is one of the largest online retail website where you can find cheap products and they offer free shipping worldwide for 60-70% of products. They offer a vast range of products, the quality of products depends on the rate and the manufacturer.

You need a Credit Card to place your order on Aliexpress. It doesn’t offer cash on delivery option for payments.

How to Search and Buy Products from Aliexpress

Aliexpress is a huge website and it takes a lot of time to fully explore it. We will help you understand how and what works best while shopping on Aliexpress.

Step 1: Choose your Country

Aliexpress Pakistan - Choose your countryBefore searching for your product make sure to choose your country because some sellers do not ship their products to Pakistan. If you choose your country at the beginning it will filter the products based on the chosen country. In this example Pakistan.

You will see an option “Ship to” at the top-right of the website, select your country from the drop down menu.

Step 2: Search for the Product

There are millions of products listed on Aliexpress. It becomes a bit tricky to find the perfect product. There are total 28 main categories and hundreds of sub categories. It would be better if you select the relevant category before proceeding to searching.

Aliexpress Pakistan - How to search for products

After choosing the proper category enter the keyword/search term in the search box and hit Enter or click on the search button.

Step 3: The Tricky Part

Once you type the search term in the search box and hit Enter you will see a long list of products related to your search. Here you can filter the products using the features available to find the best product.

Aliexpress search options

Let’s discuss important features:


Aliexpress Pakistan Price OptionYou can search for product using the price feature to filter those products which are in allocated budget.
You can enter either a minimum price range or maximum price range to filter the search results.

Free Shipping:

Aliexpress Pakistan Free ShippingYou must check the “Free Shipping” check box no matter how low or high your budget is. It will filter all those products which will be shipped free of cost to your address.

Sale Items:

Aliexpress Pakistan Sale ItemsAliexpress runs various promotional campaigns very frequently to gain more customers. Make sure to check “Sale Items” checkbox to see the products which are on sale.


Aliexpress Pakistan Feedback FeatureThe number of starts shows how trustworthy a seller is. The number of starts on his page/profiles shows how much trust he has gained overtime. The more starts the more reliable seller. Try to find a seller with good feedback (high number of stars) to make sure you won’t face delays in shipping and receiving your order.

Sort by:

You can also narrow down your search results by using “Sort by” feature. Choose the option which interests your search to filter the results. For example if you are looking for a cheap product select “Price: Low to High” option and it will filter the results based on the option you selected.

Important Reminder: Sometimes you will see same products are sold by different sellers and the price varies from seller to seller. Make sure to spend a little time exploring the search results.

Selecting Your Product and Completing the Order:

Once you find your desired product now it is time to complete the order by paying and providing your shipping address. If you are buying multiple products you have to select “Add to Cart” option for each product.

Aliexpress buy now

If you are ordering only one product you can choose “Buy Now” option. It will redirect you a new page where you have to provide your shipping details. Your address where you want to receive your parcel.

shipping info Aliexpress

Fill each field of the form carefully and hit “Save and ship to this address” once you entered all information. You will see another page with the details of the product and your shipping address you entered on the previous page. If both product and shipping address is correct click “Place Order” button.

Place order Aliexpress

On the next page you will have to provide your credit card details in order to complete your order. Enter your credit card details and click “Pay Now” button. It will process the payment if you have entered correct credit card details. Once they charge your credit card you will see a confirmation message.

Payment Step Aliexpress

They take around 24 hours to verify the payment, once they complete the verification your seller will ship your product. You will receive an email confirmation when the seller ships your order. You can find the shipping details to track your product when the seller complete the shipping procedures.

According to our experience, all those products which are shipped via China Post Registered Air Mail or Aliexpress Standard Shipping arrives within 12-18 days to Pakistan.

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You can buy products from Aliexpress in Pakistan without any difficulty if you follow the above mentioned steps. Good luck with your shopping. :)

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