How to Buy Mobile Phones from Aliexpress in Pakistan

how to buy mobile phones from aliexpress in Pakistan

Few weeks ago we published a post, “How to Buy Products from Aliexpress in Pakistan”. We received few messages from our readers, “How to Buy Mobile Phones from Aliexpress in Pakistan”. We preferred to write a detailed post instead of replying individually.

Disclaimer: We recommend not to order Mobile Phones from Aliexpress or any other international website. You will face several issues after placing your order. Buy a good mobile phone from local market in Pakistan and live a peaceful life.

China is the largest market for cheap and shiny products. There are hundreds of Chinese mobile companies who launch their products every week or month at least. Aliexpress is the largest Chinese retail website and it is not possible to find a Chinese product there.

Disadvantages of Buying Mobile Phone from Aliexpress in Pakistan

If you are not lucky enough you will face some of these issues once you receive your mobile phone:

  • There are chances that you will receive a dead phone or may have software/hardware problems. Some sellers on Aliexpress offer warranty but you have to send the phone to the seller who is in China. You have to pay all shipping charges to claim your phone’s FREE warranty.
  • You have pay custom duty in Pakistan. Aliexpress or the seller doesn’t pay tax for you in Pakistan.
  • It takes around three months to receive your mobile phone. Can you wait that long?
  • Once your mobile phone or parcel reaches GPO and detained by custom personals you can’t claim refund on Aliexpress.

The only benefit for buying mobile phones from Aliexpress is “Free shipping”. Yes, almost every seller offer free shipping worldwide. Which means you don’t have to pay extra for shipping.

We personally ordered two mobile phones from Aliexpress to experience the process and it was worse online experience. Yes, you heard it right WORSE. We received our phones but we waited for almost more than three months and paid extra money in form of tax.

If you never placed any order online before, read this post to get a basic idea for how to place an order online.

Once you place your order at Aliexpress you have to wait for almost one month until it reaches your nearest GPO (If you choose free shipping). At GPO the staff will detain your mobile phone during inspection and they will send you a letter at your given address to get permission from PTA for the mobile phone you bought and visit GPO once you receive NOC from PTA.

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When you receive NOC from PTA, you have to visit GPO along the NOC letter. They will tell you the procedures of paying tax and you have to pay the tax (which is calculated as per the original rate of your mobile phone).

After paying tax you will receive your mobile phone.

As we stated at the beginning, it is a hectic and time consuming process to buy a mobile phone from Aliexpress in Pakistan and it is risky too.

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