Attabad Lake – A Beautiful Lake in Hunza Pakistan

Attabad Lake – A Beautiful Lake Formed after a Massive Landslide in Hunza.

Attabad Lake is a natural and beautiful lake formed in 2010 after a huge landslide at Attabad Hunza, Gilgit Baltistan, Pakistan.

Attabad Lake beauty

A boat carrying a vehicle at Attabad lake. Image Credit: SM Bukhari

Hunza is already very famous around the globe for its mesmerizing beauty and Attabad Lake became another attractive spot for tourists.

Attabad Lake in Summer image

Attabad Lake in Summer

The length of Attabad Lake is around 14 kilometers, it takes around two hours to reach the other end of the lake (Gulmit) from the starting point of the Lake (Attabad).

A boat carrying passengers Hunza

A boat carrying passengers is on her way towards Gulmit – Photo Credit: Nazir Abbas

The best time to visit Attabad Lake is summer (June – August). Because of the cold weather of Hunza, the lake gets frozen in winters and you can’t enjoy the jolly rides of boats at the lake :(

Frozen Attabad Lake

Frozen Attabad Lake in winter.

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