How to Apply for a Pakistani Passport – Complete Guide

How to apply for a pakistani passport

If you are a Pakistani citizen and planning to fly abroad in near future for studies or to spend your upcoming vacation and thinking “how to apply for a Pakistani Passport” – then no worries.

You will find detailed information in this guide and will help you decide for which passport you are eligible and what documents you need to apply for a Pakistani Passport.

Who is Eligible for a Pakistani Passport:

Every citizen of Pakistan can apply for a Machine Readable Passport no matter from which province or city he belongs to.  You need to complete the required steps first. We will share complete requirements in this guide below. Keep reading.

Types of Pakistani Passport:

There are three types of Pakistani Passport which are:

Ordinary Passport:
Ordinary Passport is issued to every citizen of Pakistan.

Diplomatic Passport:
Diplomatic Passport is issued to Diplomats.

Official Passport:
Official Passport is issued to Government officers i.e. (Military Officers, Naval Officers etc.), Judges of Supreme and High Courts, Members of Provincial Assembly, Members of National Assembly, Senators and other officers who are going abroad on official visits.

Required Documents for Application of an Ordinary Pakistani Passport:

Here is a list of required documents for an Ordinary Passport:

  1. Smart Card / NICOP / CNIC (Computerized National Identity Card)
    Two photocopies and Original.
  2. Form “B” (Children Registration Certificate) for those who are under 18
    One Photocopy and Original.
  3. Old Passport (If you have one and is expired or want to modify your passport)
    Original and Photocopy
  4. Bank Fee Challan
  5. Both Parents CNIC/NICOP (Photocopy)

For children below 18 years of age, Original Nadra Form “B” and CRC along both parents CNIC photocopies. (It is mandatory that one of parent must visit along the child).

Other Important Information to Remember:

  • Government servants must show permission letter issued by their department. Law enforcement personnel must visit in uniform.
  • Applicants are required to provide correct address and contact information.
  • If you hold dual nationality you are required to inform about your dual nationality while applying.
  • If you lost your passport and want to apply for a new passport, you must fill an FIR in nearest police station. You cannot apply without an FIR.

Pakistani Passport Fee:

You can apply for a 5 years validity passport or a 10 years. Free structure for both are different.

Also, if you need your passport on urgent basis you have to fill the “Urgent Challan” and pay some extra charges, you will get your passport in 04 working days. You will get your passport after 10 – 12 working days if your application is normal.

Pakistani Passport Fee Structure for 05 Years Validity

36 Pages Normal3,000 Rupees
36 Pages Urgent5,000 Rupees
72 Pages Normal5,500 Rupees
72 Pages Urgent9,000 Rupees
100 Pages Normal6,000 Rupees
100 Pages Urgent12,000 Rupees

Pakistani Passport Fee Structure for 10 Years Validity

36 Pages Normal5,400 Rupees
36 Pages Urgent9,000 Rupees
72 Pages Normal9,400 Rupees
72 Pages Urgent16,200 Rupees
100 Pages Normal10,800 Rupees
100 Pages Urgent21,600 Rupees

Steps to Process your Pakistani Passport Application:

If you have read above requirements and you are confident that you have all the required documents then congratulation, you have completed half of the process :)

Now, visit the Passport Office in whose jurisdiction your temporary or permanent address on your CNIC falls and go through these steps to submit your application successfully:

STEP 1: Bank Challan

You have to deposit your fee at any of the National Bank branch given in this list. Pay your fee at the bank and get your bank challan. You can deposit your fee at National Bank ONLY. You can download the ordinary challan form from below given link.

STEP 2: Say Hello to Customer Service Representative

Once you submit your fee and receive your bank challan, you need to visit the customer support counter at the passport regional office. The representative will guide you regarding the process and he/she will direct you to the photographer if you have all the required documents. (Check above requirements section of this guide to read the requirements).

STEP 3: Photograph and Token

As you may know, for CNIC and Passport we can’t give a per-captured photograph to use for the CNIC/Passport. They will capture your photograph on the same day you are applying for passport, so make sure to go in a good suite and have a perfect looking hair cut :)

The photographer will capture a photo of yours and he will give you a token. You must remember your token number until you complete all procedures.

STEP 4: Biometric Verification

Above the biometric counter you will see a small screen showing token numbers. Wait for your turn until you see your token number on that screen. Upon your turn the data entry operator will capture your index fingers and thumbs impressions.

STEP 5: Data Entry

You will move to the next counter once you see your token number on that counter or the date entry operator will call you by your name or token number. He or She will ask you information i.e. Name, father name, address, contact number etc.

Provide him the accurate information and make sure to check the spelling while he types your information. The date entry operator will provide you a print out of the application for signature, make sure to check every information twice or thrice before signing.

STEP 6: Verification as Per Exit Control List or Black List

Step 7: Interview with Assistant Director

This is the last step for Pakistani passport application. Upon your turn, the Assistant director will interview you and analyze your application. He will take the final decision whether you qualify for a Pakistani passport or not. If he approves your application you are done with the process.

Step 8: Passport Collection

If you’ve completed above all steps your passport will be processed according to the urgency of your application. If you’ve paid fee for urgent processing you will receive your passport in 4 working days otherwise you will receive your passport in 10 -12 working days.

You can collect your passport form your Regional Passport office showing your token and bank challan (both original).

Process of Passport Application in Pakistan

Process of Passport Application in Pakistan.   Image Source:


As per the current passport policy, if you are applying first time for a Pakistani passport then, it is mandatory to visit the Regional Passport Office in whose domain your temporary or permanent address on your CNIC falls.

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